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Stop acting. Start Being.

No Acting Please

No Acting Please is the Eric Morris System of Experiential Acting for the serious actor that wants…

  • Work grounded in reality. 
  • A craft process that is reliable.
  • Specific preparations to be your most instrumentally ready.

  • Exercises to deal with tension, fears, obligations, being on the spot, ego & self-esteem, concepts.

  • Quick, easy to use, dependable techniques to prepare for emotionally demanding scenes.

  • A smart way to break down and identifies responsibilities of material and how to experience in reality what the character is experiencing in the material.

  • Eliminate the line between character and actor.

  • Method-based work without the madness.

Many actors are missing the link of “how” that bridges talent & instincts with an actual acting craft process. See what Johnny Depp had to say himself on Inside the Actor’s Studio about No Acting Please putting it all together for him…

About Adam Christopher, Chicago Instructor

Welcome! My name is Adam Christopher Veasman. I am a SAG AFTRA actor for more than 20 years, lived and worked in both L.A. and Chicago, worked in casting and I have been working with actors in Chicago since 2014 sharing the tools, techniques and craft process of No Acting Please, the Eric Morris System... (cont'd below the pictures)


I have studied personally with Eric Morris since 2003 and been given a unique endorsement to teach the comprehensive Morris System. I started introducing actors to this work in Chicago, using the tools to coach them in auditions for casting sessions then, in 2015, taught the Morris System at Vagabond School of the Arts, first doing free introductions, then classes, intensive workshops and one-on-one coachings. Like to hear what the actors themselves have to say? have to say? Click here to hear from them.  

A little more...

Born and raised in Chicago I earned my SAG-AFTRA card over 20 years ago, spent nearly a decade in each of the Chicago and Los Angeles markets. In 2014 I moved from Los Angeles back to Chicago to take a position “on the other side of the camera” as a Session Director at O’Connor Casting bringing my experience and skills to benefit the actors in the room during their auditions. Teaching grew into my own studio teachings the way the work was meant to be taught, ongoing, unfiltered & collaborative with the actor, the way it is taught by Eric Morris in his Los Angeles Studio. 


Often acting instructors critique and give feedback, without teaching an actor "how." With the Morris System, I collaborate with the actor to addresses both the Instrument and their Craft to empower them to be independent and do more o fate work they aspire to do. It's specific. With tools and techniques for the actor to bring reality to their work and stop acting. Nothing else empowers the actor with a "how" and a craft process like the Morris System does. 

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