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The Class (weekly)

Stop acting. Start Being.

Only currently being offered online. A weekly class for the serious actor interested in how to stop acting and start Being.  Learn specifics of a craft process, learn the "how" to do work rooted in reality. The Eric Morris System is method-based but goes beyond traditional "method" acting.


The Class focus is on the individual actor and their instrumental challenges and antidoting them, as well as a focus on the specifics of a craft process focused on the “how” to do work that is not acting. It's an explorative and supportive setting where actors can work on material old and new, auditions or anything else they might choose during their individual time after group workouts. 

Listen to what actors have to say themselves, click here

Interested in auditing a class in session? Call or email, contact info is at the bottom of the page.

(Please note there is no in person instruction at the theater during Covid - Online Instruction being  considered).




THURSDAY EVENING  - 6 pm- 9 pm, online


SATURDAY MORNING  - 10 am - 1pm, online

Eric Morris’s No Acting Please is the book that “put it all together” for Johnny Depp. Jack Nicholson wrote the forward to it and it is a resource used in colleges, universities, acting schools, and by actors around the world. The Eric Morris System of Experiential Acting is complete and comprehensive, teaching the actor to work organically and specifically from a place of "Being" and personal truth, eliminating the separation between actor and character. After studying personally with Eric Morris, Adam Christopher Veasman has been given a unique endorsement by Eric to teach this experiential acting method-based system here to Chicago.

Interested in an intro before signing up for The Class? Check out the FREE Introduction and consider the 2Day Intensive to learn the entire Morris System in a weekend.

For additional information check out Eric Morris and follow us on Facebook

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