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About "No Acting Please" the books & Eric Morris.
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“No Acting Please" is Eric Morris first and best-selling book on acting. Johnny Depp talked about both the book and Eric’s influence on his work along with Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg on Inside the Actor’s Studio.


This method-based system is currently taught in NY, L.A., San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Germany, Istanbul, Turkey and more plus the book “No Acting Please” is required reading in many colleges, university programs and acting schools around the world because the focus is on not "acting" but Being. Eric’s work and system is specific in its approach to help the actor eliminate the separation between character and actor, to not “act” but to be the role. The Eric Morris System empowers the actor with specific tools & techniques needed to create, experience and express that reality and is complete, giving the actor the ability to become self-reliant.

Having studied with Eric Morris since 2003, I have been given a unique endorsement to teach The Eric Morris System of Experiential Acting here in Chicago. This system is a complete, two-part method-based system that goes beyond traditional method technique by dealing with the actor’s instrument and includes a very specific approach to the craft.

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Eric Morris

Eric himself is originally from Chicago, a Northwestern graduate with a theater degree.


As a young actor in his pursuit for bringing reality to his work on stage and screen he became frustrated only getting feedback and not specifics of "how" from his instructiors. After a life time of stage, teaching and professional work, Eric has created an empowering and specific system for actor's to help bring reality to their work.

Today Eric is an actor with 60+ years’ experience, 50+ teaching, and currently does so at the Eric Morris Studio in Los Angeles. He a member of the Actor’s Studio, a director, a best-selling author and one of the few remaining Master Teachers in America.

A little more on Eric:

Eric was head of the Directing Unit at the Actor’s Studio for 3 years where he studied and worked with Lee Strasberg, he has done over 50 Equity plays, 25 movies, 85 TV shows and taught directing as an Associate Professor at USC Film school for 8 years.

Eric Morris complete resume can be found at

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