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  • Adam C Veasman

Happy? Yes please! (but, how?)

Everyone deserves to be happy and have a wonderful and enjoyable life.

Feeling good about yourself and having a healthy self-esteem and self image is important part of that. If you are an actor, then you probably know that feeling good about yourself & your work is vital to your success and enjoyment of the journey.

Most of us have been damaged by experiences, relationships and even well-meaning people but there is good news!

I just finished my first reading of Eric Morris new book titled "Second Chance at Life" subtitled 'repair the damaged you experienced in your life to achieve health, happiness and success.' It is a book for anyone and everyone that truly wants to repair the damage they have suffered and be happy.

Eric has taken years of work, research and experience and teamed them up with several exercises from his system used by actors to become instrumentally free and expressive and put it in an easy to use format for everyone that wants to help recover and heal from those damaging events in our lives that can keep you from being happy.

The book covers

  • the many ways we are hurt or suffer damaged

  • how to pinpoint damaging events

  • several approaches and techniques for repairing the damage

  • programming and re-programming the the subconscious

  • repairing damage from the most traumatic experiences

The book is for anyone who wants to find a happier healthier way of living, and who doesn't want that? More about the book here.

Best to you all on your journey, may it be one filled with happiness and all you desire,

Adam C. Veasman

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