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2Day Craft Intensive Workshop

Stop acting. Start Being.

An empowering craft intensive only offered 1 weekend a year for the serious actor interested in the specifics of "how" to do real, rooted, organic work and not act.


2 Days dozens of craft tools and techniques from the system focused on not acting. Every actor, regardless of experience level, will participate in each of the techniques & exercises including: 


The importance of Being and how to get to a Being state

  • All 9 categories of Preparations and dozens of exercises to help the actor deal with tension, fear, insecurities, being on the spot, ego, vulnerability, emotionally challenging material, interim preparations, and more

  • The 7 Obligations of material & how to identify them 

  • The proper way to find & use Choices to experience what the character is experiencing

  • Several easy to use & specific craft Choice Approach techniques to address material and it’s demands

This 2 Day Craft Intensive focuses on the entire system. There will be an explanation, demonstration, and participation in dozens of tools and techniques including specifics of Choice Approaches to empower the actor and give them a specific craft process to do the work they aspire to do with clarity and confidence.

Interested in an intro before coming to the 2Day Intensive? Check out a FREE Introduction or for individual attention in a class setting check out the on going Classes.

(Please note there is no in person instruction at the theater during Covid - Online Instruction being  considered).


2-DAY CRAFT INTENSIVE (only once per year) - not currently avail

Cost: $495

Next: Dates to be determined for 2021 but on a Saturday & Sunday from noon-6pm 

with Adam Christopher Veasman

Eric Morris’s No Acting Please is the book that “put it all together” for Johnny Depp. Jack Nicholson wrote the forward for it and it is a resource used in colleges, universities, acting schools and by actors around the world. The Eric Morris System of Experiential Acting is a complete and comprehensive system that teaches the actor to work organically from a place of Being and personal truth, eliminating the separation between actor and character. After studying personally with Eric Morris, Adam Christopher Veasman has been given a unique endorsement by Eric to teach this experiential acting method-based system here to Chicago.

For additional information check out Eric Morris and follow us on Facebook

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