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FREE Introductions (limited)

Stop Acting. Start Being.

You may know how to "act" but do you know how to not act?


You are invited to a FREE Introduction Class to No Acting Please, the Beyond the Method/Experiential Acting System created by actor, director, best-selling author and Master Teacher Eric Morris. 

This system teaches the actor to experience personal reality rather than “act” eliminating the separation between actor and character.

During the FREE Class, gain experience and get one-on-one professional coaching focused in a specific & reliable craft process and bring your most authentic self to your work. This is a unique opportunity for actors to experience a preview of both parts of the system, instrumental and craft. The Instrumental focus zeroes in on removing the obstacles that prevent actors from “being” such as fear, tension, feeling on the spot, insecurities, compensational behaviours, and other instrumental issues. The Craft focus, is a specific approach to the craft and includes Preparations, Obligations, Choices, and Choice Approaches.

Interested in auditing a class in session? Call or email, contact info is at the bottom of the page.

(Please note there is no in person instruction at the theater during Covid - Online Instruction being  considered).


FREE Introductions

Cost: FREE

Next: Covid makes in person a TBD. In the meantime I am considering online teaching and respond to the request to audit or questions. Contact me directly if you are interested hear how the No Acting Please class is taught. 

The book, No Acting Please, is the one that “put it all together” for Johnny Depp is and used in colleges, universities, acting schools, and as a resource by actors around the world. 

NOTE: To get the most out of the FREE Introduction attendees are encouraged to dress comfortably and though not required, have a monologue (or 8-10 lines of one) that they are familiar with.

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For additional information check out Eric Morris and follow us on Facebook

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